15 Mar

The Connect Center is excited to welcome Mario Johnson and Jae Joseph to run BPM Lessons out of our Music Studio. Interested community members are able to learn about beat making, recording, and DJ with BPM. 

This week, community members Caleb and James started creating their own beats and explored our new music studio. They also got to try out our assortment of instruments! Currently, the Connect Center's music studio contains an assortment of guitars, several full size  and mini keyboards, and an electric drum set. Our community members are excited to record an entire song, every beat and every note, by themselves with our equipment.

They seemed interested in attending an open jam session. If you would also be interested, comment below so we can make this happen! With all these musicians, the Connect Center band is coming sooner than we could have thought!

Register for an upcoming session by clicking here!

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