27 Feb

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back from break! 

Our Warp Zone esports program is heading into week three. So far, students have learned about personal branding, and practiced coaching one another in various games. If you are interested in submitting a late application, please see this page

We also still have open spots in the following programs:

Art & Financial Literacy (Tuesdays 3/7-5/2)

This program is designed to use creative learning to teach children the importance of having their own understanding and relationship with money and concepts of finances. During it, students will create several art projects, including candle making, painting, and jewelry making. They will also learn basic financial concepts such as budgeting, credit, and interest.

If you are interested please sign up using this link.

Storytelling Workshop (Tuesdays 4/18-5/2)

Join multitalented, fun Teaching Artists Ayah Osman and Stephanie Ward from Children at the Well Storytelling for a special 3-part workshop to learn some basics of storytelling and begin to find or create the story that speaks to you!

If you are interested please sign up using this link.

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