3D Printing (Spring 2023)

This program is open to middle and high schoolers.

Program Information

Demystifying what is often portrayed as a magical technology in the media, this program is designed to make 3D printing approachable through hands-on experience and formal instruction. Through 12 sessions students will learn the basics of additive manufacturing and the iterative process, from concept to finished product. Learners will gain direct experience with where to find and make their very own 3D models, as well as make them take-home ready.


This Program will run from 3-5 PM on Wednesdays from 2/1-5/3.


Registration for 3D Printing can be accessed through our SignupGenius.  

New students must provide a signed permission slip to the Connect Center before attending Connect After School programs:

2022 Connect Center Permission Slip.pdf

3D Printing Info Flyers.png