Raenell Holder
IT Coordinator

Siena College Bonner Service Leader

Rae is so excited to be able to work with the Connect Center this year! They are a Bonner service leader at Siena College currently completing her bachelor’s in Computer Science with a focus on information systems along with a minor in Community Development. The Bonner program has been a huge part of Rae’s college experience so far and they absolutely adore the work that they do. She has a passion for giving back to the community and believes heavily in the mission of the Connect Center. Having both parents as teachers as well as being involved in the career field that she is in, it is no surprise that Rae believes the Connect Center is the perfect fit for her as it pairs education and technology together.

Rae was born and raised in Melanie Damishana, a small town in her home country of Guyana. However, they have been residing in the wonderful neighborhood of Brooklyn for the past 5 years. Rae is extremely excited to be able to share the wealth of knowledge in technology with young kids who look like her. She is completely motivated by the lack of people who look like her in her college Computer Science classes and hopes to work towards remedying this issue.

When not in class or here at the Connect Center best believe you’ll find Rae in her dorm room watching a new show with her roommate or taking a nap.