Kimberly Lopez
Marketing Assistant

Siena College Bonner Service Leader

Kimberly is glad to be part of the connect center team! Kimberly is a Bonner service leader at Siena College, she is currently working on completing her bachelor's degree in Psychology with concentration in entrepreneurship and business management.  Kimberly has found the Bonner service leadership program to be her favorite part of her college journey.  She is determined to work efficiently at the connect center helping youth expand their horizon academically and creatively. 

Kimberly was born and raised in Queens and is extremely passionate in providing more resources for youth given that she grew up in a neighborhood where help wasn’t found so easily. Her main goal is to create a sustainable program that will help the Connect Center for years to come. 

When not seen by the books or here the Connect Center best believe you’ll find her in her room drinking iced coffee while practicing new makeup looks.