Wing Chun Self Defense Class

Wing Chun Self Defense Class

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a close-range combat style that relies on small, efficient movements that use the natural structure of the human body. No flashy, acrobatic techniques will be found here; the strikes are mainly done with the upper body, and kicks go no higher than the waist. 

In this two-hour "crash course," you will learn:

*The Basics of the System (the stance, straight punch, front kick, three essential defensive techniques)

*The Three Most Common Features of the System - In other words, what makes Wing Chun what it is

*How to Apply What You Learn in Self-Defense Situations - Steve will go through a list of common attacks that most people fear and show how a Wing Chun practitioner would deal with them.

Steve Grogan has been practicing Wing Chun since 1995. He recently joined the programs of the Connect Center, and he is excited to share the beautiful simplicity of this art with our community.

You can find him in multiple locations online, although your first stop should be the Geek Wing Chun channel on YouTube so you can see demonstrations.

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Class size is limited to 20 people, so reserve your ticket now by Clicking Here!