Abby James-Vickery
Coordinator of day-to-day Wildcard Activities

Siena College Bonner Service Leader

Abby is so excited to be on the team at the Connect Center! Abby is a Bonner service leader at Siena College, studying Social Work! Abby says that some of her most fun memories have been at the Connect Center as a Bonner. She is our wildcard, you can find her doing random things around the center to help benefit our programs. She loves the Connect Center and has enjoyed seeing it grow! 

Abby is from Hackensack New Jersey and is extremely committed to helping our youth. She believes kids are the future and they all need love and support. She wants to create a safe and accepting place for all kids! She wants them to know they are loved and welcome. 

When she is not being a student or serving at the Connect Center, you can find her socializing, hanging out with friends, or going to Dunkin!